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Tänze 2018

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Anfänger Fortgeschritten Intermediate Advance

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Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
23.11.18 Second time around 64 F. Whitehouse & D. Bailey Jack Mosbacher The second time around
16.11.18 Globetrottin' 64 D. Trepat, S. Ward & F. Whitehouse Lukas Graham Off to see the world
02.11.18 Damn! 48 R. Fowler Brett Kissel Damn!
23.10.18 Beyond beautiful 32 J. Wetzel Elton John Something about the way you look tonight
18.10.18 Waves of love 64 G. O'Reilly Drake Jensen Wherever love takes us
09.10.18 American Kids 32 R. Pelletier Kenny Chesney American Kids
28.09.18 Get it right 32 M. Glover Steve Moakler Hard not to love it
07.09.18 Texas time 64 A. Birchall & J. Jax Keith Urban Texas Time
24.08.18 Blaze of glory 32 S. Ward, N. Poulsen, S. McKeever & F. Whitehouse Bon Jovi Blaze of glory
07.08.18 Groovy love 32 F. Whitehouse, D. Trepat & J. Dahlgren Saint Lanvain feat. Rahmsed If Jesus loves me
10.07.18 Woman amen 64 R. Fowler Dierks Bentley Woman, amen
03.07.18 Taking chances 32 R. Vos Tina Arena Wouldn't be love if it didn't
19.06.18 Vanotek cha 64 G. O'Reilly Vanotek Back to me
12.06.18 Tightrope 96 M. Gallagher Michelle Williams Tightrope
15.05.18 Sambarito 48 K. Ray, P. Stott & T. Argyle Sofia Reyes (ft. Jason Derulo & De La Ghetto) 1, 2, 3
08.05.18 Celtic duo 64 M. Gallagher & G. O'Reilly Anton & Sully Celtic duo
27.04.18 Tag on 64 D. Villellas Beccy Cole Too strong to break
24.04.18 Dive right in 48 W. Craig Ed Sheeran Dive
20.04.18 Tension 64 G. O'Reilly & M. Gallagher Fergie Tension
13.04.18 People are good 64 G. O'Reilly Luke Bryan Most people are good
06.04.18 Blessed 48 J. Miranda Elton John Blessed
30.03.18 Vaiven 64 R. Fowler Chayanne Vaiven
23.03.18 Sweet Caroline 56 D. Bailey Neil Diamond Sweet Caroline
16.03.18 Strip that down 64 M. Gallagher & T. Johnson Liam Payne Strip that down
09.03.18 Havana ooh-na-na 32 J. Wetzel Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug Havana
06.03.18 Mack the knife 64 R. McEnaney Brian Setzer Orchestra Mack the knife
02.03.18 Hurts like a cha cha 64 S. Ward, D. Trepat & F. Whitehouse James Morrison Nothing ever hurt like you
02.02.18 Sexy beaches Seq D. Musk, F. Whitehouse, G. Mundy & N. Poulsen Pitbull feat. Chloe Angelides Sexy beaches
12.01.18 Forget-me-not 64 P. Stott Ronnie Milsap (There's) No gettin' over me
09.01.18 Twist & Turns 64 M. Glover Zac Brown Band Tomorrow never comes
05.01.18 All katchi all night long Seq K. Maus Ofenbach & Nick Waterhouse Katchi

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